Leading After the Crisis

White Paper by Ahli Moore and Dr. Kim Hires

leading after the crisis white paper

The white paper “Leading After the Crisis” by Moore and Hires focuses on the unique challenges leaders face during the COVID-19 crisis. It highlights the necessity for leaders to adapt to both local and global contexts, recognizing the pandemic’s long-term nature.

It includes responses from both mid-level (38%) and senior level (62%) leaders across various industries like finance, education, healthcare, and more. A significant portion of these leaders manage businesses with revenues ranging from $1 million to over $1 billion. The paper categorizes the challenges into Safety, Workforce, Revenue, and Leader Support, noting that 77% of leaders felt prepared for post-crisis challenges. Interestingly, the analysis revealed a similarity between challenges during the crisis and those anticipated afterward, raising concerns about leaders’ understanding of the evolving nature of work and necessary support in a post-COVID world. The similarity of these challenges to those identified in the Gartner 2019 CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey further underscores this concern.

The paper has three goals: identifying leaders’ main challenges during the crisis, understanding their primary challenges post-crisis, and examining if senior and mid-level leaders share similar COVID-19-related challenges. The authors’ extensive experience in corporate leadership, consulting, and coaching informs their approach to gather insights from leaders to develop effective and sustainable post-crisis leadership strategies.