Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Diversity can be achieved without commitment, inclusion cannot. It requires a step beyond tolerance, vulnerability, and trust to create an inclusive environment.”  – Khambrel Ward


“Each of us has both the authority and the responsibility to recognize our own personal biases, acknowledge diversity as an organizational asset, and promote equity and inclusion in all facets of life!”  –Ahli Moore


X-Factor Solutions associates have delivered close to 200 DEI presentations and workshops, reaching more than 4500 participants around the globe.


  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Fostering Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ally Skills Training
  • Total Strengths Deployment Inventory
  • Human Performance Architecture

Our 7-phase approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion includes:

diversity, equity and inclusion approach

The endurance of DEI programs hinges on substantial, enduring shifts in organizational culture and structure, not merely on feel-good narratives devoid of analysis, objectives, measurements, and methodical implementation strategies. This rings especially true within diverse environments like those encompassing an extensive network of partnering organizations. This network consists of various entities, each distinct in size, structure, history, and location.

The inherent diversity of these organizations inevitably leads to a wide spectrum of viewpoints regarding the significance of DEI and the strategies to embrace it. A fundamental question arises: how can we ensure sustainability and uniformity in the absence of consensus on fundamental principles? Another challenge is determining feasible target goals, considering that member organizations have disparate starting points in their DEI journey, distinct capacities, and varying levels of support and resources.

Navigating these complexities demands a holistic approach, one that appreciates the unique context of each entity while establishing a coherent framework that cultivates enduring change and uniform progress towards DEI goals.